Inverter generator for the home – a review of the best models

Inverter generator for the home – a review of the best models

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They provide constant access to electricity, supplying even small, sensitive devices, as well as quiet, take up little space in the apartment. We are talking about inverter generators, thanks to which you will provide constant access to energy at any time. We will tell you what characterizes such equipment and how to choose the ideal model for your needs.

On a daily basis, we don’t realize how much our lives depend on constant access to energy. However, it is enough to overload the network or a power failure and the entire, carefully planned schedule of the day will collapse with a roar. Moreover, such situations can happen to us at least the expected moment, and before the problem can be solved, we are completely powerless, because almost every, even the simplest activity at home requires the use of equipment running on electricity.

Therefore, power outages can be very frustrating, especially when we have to shut down for that reason. How to prevent such incidents? The solution is an inverter generator, a reliable power source for your home.

Inverter generator – what is it?

A generator set is an independent device that produces electricity. It can be used both as the main power source and in emergency situations when constant access to energy has been unexpectedly interrupted. The generators available in the market vary in size, clamping method, and startup method. Recently, inverter generators are becoming increasingly popular. Compared to other equipment of this type, they are small in size and quiet operation, which is why they are great for home conditions. Inverter generators also have much more modern power generation technology (without a flywheel), and at the same time they are extremely easy to use – they act like a so-called smoothed sine wave.

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The most important element of the unit is the inverter. It is with its help that the device initiates the production of high-quality, pure current, which is then converted into direct current.

Advantages of the inverter electric generator. Why is it worth having?

Electric generators were usually associated with large boxes, which, together with energy, made an unbearable noise. In the case of inverter generators, everything is completely different. These are small, convenient devices that give out electricity wherever you are, and their silent operation does not interfere with daily activities. They’re also great for travel. Camping with such a device is a guarantee of comfort, because in the field we are confident in the operation of all necessary equipment. First of all, however, it is worth considering buying such a device for your home. An unexpected power failure or short circuit can seriously interfere with plans, interrupt urgent work, and lead to data loss. With a small generator at hand, we don’t have to worry about such incidents. This is a good investment that will provide security in unforeseen situations and the comfort of relaxing outside the home.

How to choose the best generator? Introducing Three Reliable Models

From the stores we can find many different models of inverter units – each of them differs from each other in individual parameters and price. Which option to choose? We’ll take a closer look at three different devices.

Electric generator RATO R700I

Inverter electric generator RATO R700I

This is a guarantee of constant access to electricity at a really affordable price. Due to its small size, weight, not exceeding 12 kg and a convenient handle, the equipment is perfect not only at home, but also in trips and meetings in the fresh air. The generator is powered by a 4-stroke, air-cooled single-cylinder engine. The engine capacity is 56 cm3, which provides about 6 hours of operation at half load, and about 4 hours at maximum load. This model guarantees a constant power supply and silent operation, and its steel housing protects against damage and adverse weather conditions.

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Generator GENMAC GR1250IN

Inverter generator GENMAC GR1250IN

With a gasoline 4-stroke engine, the R120-VI is able to provide a maximum power of 1.1 kW. Thanks to the inverter technology of the electric stabilizer, which operates at very low distortion, the generator provides constant current loads without voltage surges that can damage electrical and electronic devices. The operation of the device is carried out at a variable speed of rotation of the motor, in accordance with the need to supply current. In this way, the best fuel consumption, gas emissions and wear of mechanical parts are optimised. Inside the generator is a fuel tank with a capacity of 2.6 liters. The device has an easy-to-use control panel, compact dimensions and a sturdy handle for easy transportation.

Electric generator KONNER & SOHNEN KSB 22i S

Inverter electric generator KONNER & SOHNEN KSB 22i S

It has a unique design that provides high stability during operation. The noise-absorbing housing and high build quality of this model ensure a minimum noise level at a distance of (7m) of 62 dB. The inverter generators (K&S Basic) are equipped with a reliable brushless alternator with 100% copper winding. The high-quality and compact permanent magnet generator is housed in a plastic housing and can withstand maximum loads without any damage.