Filter jug – which one to choose and why filter the water?

Filter jug – which one to choose and why filter the water?

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Water in plastic bottles is a serious problem for the environment. At the same time, it is burdensome for many people to buy and wear it, often in large quantities, and then store it in their kitchen or pantry. Meanwhile, there is a great alternative for this that will work in every home. In recent years, filter jugs have become very popular, which provide a good taste of tap water without harmful substances. This is a significant saving for the wallet. The cost of a pitcher and filters will be lower than the fixed costs of bottled water. In addition, there are filters that enrich water with magnesium ions, calcium ions or other minerals necessary for the body. Which filter jug to choose? What filter jug capacity is right for your family? We have prepared a quick guide to these simple home accessories that can bring you many benefits.

Why filter water?

Although municipal water and sewerage companies publish the results of studies that show that tap water is completely suitable for drinking and for various life purposes, consumer experience often contradicts its benefits.

Contaminants in the water can also appear behind the sampling point, for example, in poor-quality pipes of the water supply network.

Dissolved minerals and the addition of bactericidal chlorine contained in tap water can adversely affect the taste of drinks prepared with its use, and reduce the service life of household appliances.

The hardness of water resulting from the content of metals is also manifested in the troublesome removal of sediment – it is often difficult to clean a completely stone-clogged kettle heater or remove scale from a coffee maker.

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The right pitcher with a water filter can help us avoid these unpleasant consequences and enjoy the delicious taste of water in the comfort of the house, without the costly need for bottled water.

A good filter jug will allow you to remove heavy metals and get rid of harmful substances by providing clean water in your kitchen.

Why filter a pitcher and not bottled water?

If we want to use quality water that is free of heavy metals, chlorine and other harmful substances, we can rely on bottled water – spring or mineral.

If you want to take care of your health and drink the proposed 2 liters of water per day, this will mean the need to buy at least 40 1.5-liter bottles per month, which even with the selection of the cheapest products from discount stores will mean a lot of expense.

In this situation, buying a filter jug turns out to be a very profitable solution, because medium filter cartridges can filter up to 200 liters of water. The difference in cost is obvious.

For this reason, a jug with a water filter usually pays off within the first month of use. Bottles need to be bought non-stop, brought home and, above all, stored somewhere. In addition, it produces a lot of unnecessary plastic, which negatively affects the natural environment.

By choosing a filter jug, we save money, time, space in the house and we are environmentally friendly. At the same time, the quality of water, its taste and properties after passing the filtration process will be the same as in its bottled counterpart.

An alternative to filter jugs is a filter bottle. It allows you to drink tap water outside the house.

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Features of filter jugs

How do I choose a filter jug? The first issue is its profitability. You need to remember about the need to replace the filter. Therefore, it is worth checking how much this type of filter costs to make sure that it will be a cost-effective solution. Their availability is also important. If necessary, some of them are available in electronics stores.

And what can we say about the design of filter jugs? Convenient filling is important. Models with a flap in the lid of the jug work well – just put the model under the tap and the flap opens under water pressure.

Thanks to this, we do not have to remove the lid, which also allows us to work quickly with one hand. The handle should fit ergonomically in the hand, because we hold the jug under running water for a long time – and naturally it can be quite heavy when filled. The advantage will be non-slip legs.

If hard water flows in your pipes, it is worth buying a filter jug, for which special softening filters are intended. They are more effective at removing scale. There are models on the market for which an alternative, second type of filter is intended.

In many filter jugs, you can independently set the date of replacement of the filter mechanically. If you have trouble remembering such activities, an electronic filter jug may be a good choice, in which a reminder to replace the cartridge will be displayed on the display or even through a diode. Some of these devices are charged via a universal USB port, which also makes the job easier.

An aesthetically made filter jug is a good choice. Jugs differ in design – and although it is difficult to expect attractive models here, aesthetics will be a big plus, since such a device should constantly be in sight in the kitchen, reminding you to consume enough water.

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Which filter jug to choose?

To choose the optimal filter jug for yourself, you should pay attention to the most important parameters:

  • Filter efficiency – that is, how many liters of water the filter cartridge can clean before there is a need to replace it; usually one filter allows you to purify about 100-200 liters of water.
  • Total pitcher capacity – understood as the sum of the capacity of the upper and lower tank. A capacity of 1.2 liters is suitable for one, maximum two people. For a large family, models with a capacity of more than 3 liters are provided.
  • The efficiency of a pitcher is understood as the capacity of the lower container.
  • Filtration rate – that is, how long the water purification process takes; Typically, we have to wait about 5 minutes for filtered water before the bottom tank is completely full.
  • Material – Glass filter jugs are heavier and more expensive than those made of plastic, but the problem of mucus appearing on the walls is greater in the case of plastic jugs.

Always clean and healthy water – just a filter jug!

Water filtration allows you to permanently get rid of the problem of buying and carrying plastic bottles that seriously pollute the environment. This will allow you to get good quality water every day, at no extra cost, from which scale and other impurities have been filtered out. Simply replace the filters according to the manufacturer’s recommendations to enjoy the savings for your wallet and the environmental benefits.