The body language of a man. What does he really want to tell you?

The body language of a man. What does he really want to tell you?

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Do you like you or are you bored? Learn a man’s body language so you can read the signals he sends. Remember that during a date, gestures speak more than a mouth, so no movement or grimace of his face should escape your attention. Here are the 10 most common patterns of behavior of men during a date, the importance of which is useful to know.

The gaze moves from the eyes to the mouth

A long, perceptive look into the eyes, then a look into the nose and mouth. This typical behavior of a man during a date shows that a man is very much in love with you and seeks physical contact. You can be sure that at this moment he is not interested in what you are saying and hears you rather than listening, and his thoughts are focused on what will happen in the moment, i.e. a passionate kiss.

He sits facing you and straightens his back.

If a man still sat sideways or slightly turned his torso in your direction, and after a while sits down opposite you and straightens his back, then he is increasingly interested in you. Changing your position betrays a desire to get to know you better. This does not necessarily mean a loving relationship at once – while a man is trying to “feel the ground” and establish a friendly relationship with you. Is there a chance of getting something more out of it? It’s unknown, but his body language means you’re definitely on the right track.

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She removes hair from your face with her fingers.

This gentle, romantic gesture means that the man is looking for an excuse to establish closer physical contact. When his actions are accompanied by a friendly smile, you can be sure that he cares about you and waits for you to let him take care of you. However, if a grimace of dissatisfaction appears on his face or he begins to treat you condescendingly, this may mean that he has a need to have an ideal woman who corresponds to him 100%. It is possible that in the future he will try to impose his will on you.

Swinging in a chair

Constantly swinging back and forth shows that a man feels a little tense and insecure. Thus, he wants to relieve the tension that accompanies contact with the opposite sex. Body language specialists suggest that this behavior is dictated by a subconscious desire to return to the mother’s arms, where they once felt safe. Rocking the body simulates rocking a child so that he falls asleep. Show him understanding at this moment and try to remove the atmosphere with warm smiles and a warm tone of voice. Then look at the position of his feet – if they rest on his toes, it means joy and contentment.

Combs hair

If a man combs his lush hair with his fingers and smiles gently, this means that he is performing a kind of “mating courtship”. Like a bird choking its feathers in front of a female, it expects you to pay attention to its physical attractiveness. Such a gesture is characteristic of men who are aware of their charm and usually attach great importance to appearance. If, on the other hand, your partner combs your hair without looking into your eyes, without a radiant smile, it means that he is not sure of his appearance and what you think about him. With this gesture, he asks you to tell me if he has any chance with you. If so, signal it to him with a compliment and a warm smile.

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He sits with his legs spread wide.

The wide position of the legs in a man indicates a violent self-confidence and high awareness of his sexual potential. By exposing your crotch, your partner wants you to judge him primarily in terms of his physical qualities, which he considers his strongest side. In a relationship with a woman, sex plays an important role for him, which is why he will not fight around and around on a date. You can expect him to try to drag you into bed tonight.

Puts her fingers on your chin or smoothes your cheek

When a man rests his fingers on his chin during a conversation, it means that he is really listening to you. You seem to have intrigued him with your brilliance and eloquence. Carry on! This type of guy pays attention primarily to what you have in your head and appreciates smart conversation. He does not try to put pressure on you, but to be a partner and adviser to you. If he starts stroking his cheek with his hand, it means he’d like to gently touch you, but he doesn’t know if it will offend you. Such men are by nature extremely loyal, romantic and caring, and at the same time a little shy.

Puts his hand on the table

Putting your open hand on the table means asking, “Can I touch you?” This gesture usually occurs during a long conversation, when you both feel like you want to move on to physical contact deep down, but neither of you has the courage to take the first step. Reaching out is about seeing if you’re ready for it.

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He puts his hand on yours or yours on his

Touching your hand, he asks if he can approach you, also emotionally. The way he takes your hand betrays his attitude. If he puts your hand on his, he’d rather you take the initiative if he covers your hand with his hand — he’s signaling that he’s in control of the situation and wants to take control of what’s about to happen.

When he says goodbye, he kisses you… head-on

Yes, in the forehead, not in the mouth, as you probably expected. This paternal gesture may mean that he doesn’t have the courage or thinks it’s too early to kiss you on the lips or, unfortunately, more often than not, he’s fascinated by you, but would rather take care of you like a sister than establish a loving relationship.