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Aries Horoscope – Aries Zodiac Sign

Aries – description and characteristics of the zodiac sign

Aries (March 21 to April 20)

People born under the sign of Aries are characterized by widely understood courage and speed of action. They often react too impulsively to the various events taking place around them and do not think too carefully about the consequences of their actions, and as a result, they have to deal with the problems that arise as a result of their rash actions.

It is this impulsiveness that catches the eye of all those who deal with Aries, but one must always keep in mind that these people do not act impulsively or very violently with foresight – the emotional expression of feelings or making decisions in the wake of the moment is an extremely strong innate trait of their character that is difficult for them to control. Since Aries are not very prudent, they must learn to think carefully about their every decision!

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Aries

Characteristics of the zodiac sign Aries

Aries’ personality traits also include:

  • sincerity
  • singularity
  • sometimes even disarming

He has to work on these traits because it often happens that he unnecessarily speaks very personal or directs things or opinions to the wrong people from his environment, which then becomes the cause of gossip, brawls and quarrels.

Aries are also very active and passionate about life. They strive for new actions, but it often turns out that their enthusiasm has become extinguished, and they abandon the started business. However, they believe that one day they will return to him, that each of their ideas is a hit. At the same time, they are very impatient, which quickly disappoints them. Their disadvantages also include a lack of delicacy – this is another feature that people under this zodiac sign should definitely work on.

Aries are also very intelligent and understanding. They quickly absorb knowledge, draw the right conclusions, are inventive and love when something happens. They are great for leadership positions because they have organizational talent and can inspire respect from those around them. However, they need a job that will be related to their interests – because they only feel good when they do what is their true passion.

Aries Woman Character Traits

A lady from the sign of Aries is a sincere woman who courageously expresses her opinion. There are no taboos for her. She is sociable, does not shy away from meetings, especially with men, but sometimes behaves not very softly and impatiently. She has to work on these qualities because otherwise she might be called – not always fair – tactless and not very feminine.

The Aries woman is also prone to an overly emotional approach to the surrounding reality. If she likes something, she is filled with enthusiasm and tries to infect everyone around her, regardless of their mood, but when something upsets her, she falls into black despair.

Mrs. Aries should communicate with people under the sign of Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Libra or Scorpio. Men who know what they want from life, love social gatherings, have a great sense of humor and knowledge, especially in life, and are also ready to make concessions.

She won’t feel comfortable with stubborn, unforgiving, and cruel men who can’t compromise.

She should take a close look at a potential candidate for husband before she attaches herself to him for a long time, because she often makes decisions on the impulse of the moment, which in the case of marital plans is not entirely advisable.

Aries Man Character Traits

Aries is a self-confident, energetic, courageous and somewhat impulsive man, which attracts the fair sex. She can empathize with the situation of women, especially those who are disadvantaged by fate, he can be a cure for life’s hardships.

Since he is the soul of the company, a man who loves to rule and has the final say in every field, relationships with very independent or grumpy women will certainly not work in his case. He will feel best in the company of submissive ladies, and at the same time faithful, who will remind him of how wise, wonderful and beautiful he is.

In general, it is not very difficult – a man under the sign of Aries is usually kind, polite and sociable, so the environment feels sympathy and respect for him. However, it happens that he approaches life too snobberly and spectacularly to raise his value in the eyes of other people, but it is better to turn a blind eye to this. Mr. Aries is a man who – no matter what – will still stand his ground.

Aries interesting facts

  • Auspicious signs: Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio
  • Unfavorable signs: Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer
  • Lucky stones: diamond, amethyst, ruby, turquoise, garnet
  • Auspicious Colors: Indigo, Yellow, Red

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